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Full ConversionThere are a few options available for anyone wishing to convert their garage. We have tried to provide enough information on our website without overloading it, so please contact us for clarification or freindly advice on anything you are not sure about.We consider a full conversion to be the complete use of all the garage space available, ie no storage space just the utilisation of every square inch of available space. These conversions often involve creating a larger living area such as aditional dinning s within a kitchen and therefore require a wall If you have decided to have your garage converted into living space there maybe a couple of options you have not yet considered. The first one being the garage door, did you know you can still convert your garage to full building control aproval without removing the garage door ? So from the outside your house would appear to have a fully functioning garage. This maybe of particular interest if you are planning to sell your property in the future. By leaving the door in place you are reducingthe work entailed in returning the garage to its former state and therefore you could offer the property with or without the conversion.  

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